About the awful

The name of this blog is a pun on the author’s given name and middle initial (Augusta/s C.) and its rhyming nature with its companion words.

The author in question is a self-described ambiguously gendered polyamorous idiot savant over-emotional social justice warrior with big eyes and a penchant for carbs–in short, a Percy Bysshe Shelley drag artist. They have strong opinions and little respect for societal norms. They also answer most receptively to they/them pronouns. The best thing anyone ever called them was “flapper Lord Byron.”

The author is also a graduate student privileged by the patronage of Middlebury College and Florida State University and an active member of the Modern Language Association.  (Some of their academic credentials can be found here.) Their research focuses are in Frankensteinia, 18th century studies, Romanticism, queer studies, disability studies, Scottish humanities and in public access/service. The author has other ranging niche interests, academic and otherwise, that are not exclusive to this list and may (or may not) be made apparent through this blog.

If you are uncomfortable with the implication that ‘Frankenstein’ can be the name of the Creature as well as the scientist, then please do yourself the favour of hitting the ‘X’ in the upper corner of your tab, now. ◕ ヮ◕

This blog will serve as a living record documenting the author’s academic aptitude and daily life applications featuring original articles, reactionary pieces and status updates on long-term projects relevant to the aforementioned topics/issues and others.

Should you ever wish to reach out to the author for any purpose (potential collaborative attempts, critiques, interview request, hate mail, propositions for certain favours), you may email them personally!


One response to “About the awful

  1. Hey, you seem extremely interesting. I look forward to some more strange and intriguing blog posts off you

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